Topnotchers choose Bubble90.

A bunch of well-known hotels are Bubble90 users.
They seek hospitality and preservation of ecology at the same time.

An experiment of Escherichia coli proved that
Bubble90 keeps the same washability

as the average tap with much less water

Normal tap : 10 litre per minute output
BS4 : 1.8 litre per minute output
BS6 : 3 litre per minute output
99.9% was degermed on the hands of subject A, B, C.

Data taken from June 24th to 30th in 2015
This experiment taken place at Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science

Hand-wash experiment

according to a hand-wash manual
of mega Sushi restaurant chain.


The number of E-coli(×1,000CFU/right hand)


A gem of
a half century

Metal cutting technology cultivated for a half century
in Higashi Osaka enabled to produce pulsating flow of Bubble90.
Only high-skilled expertise can control 2/1000mm of metal cutting,
and could invent a technology to produce pulsating flow without electricity.

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