For the
first time
in the world

Succeeded to produce
pulsating flow
electricity. (patented)


Water balls just like bullets
from a machine-gun
hits and washes dirt away.
This water flow is called
“pulsating flow.”

Control water by turning a ring.
Adjust water flow depending on
water pressure
from each faucet.

Bubbles in water
pop and

By pulling a ring for a few seconds,
“clogging-prevention” sets in motion.
No need to worry about clogging.

A little water with high washability

Washing away even sticky oil stains and saving water.

An experiment of Escherichia coli proved that
Bubble90 keeps the same washability

as the average tap with much less water

Normal tap : 10 litre per minute output
BS4 : 1.8 litre per minute output
BS6 : 3 litre per minute output
The result shows water from Bubble90 has enough washability to wash hands cleanly.

Data taken from June 24th to 30th in 2015
This experiment taken place at Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science

Hand-wash experiment

according to a hand-wash manual
of mega Sushi restaurant chain.


The number of E-coli(×1,000CFU/right hand)


One-touch operation solves clogging issues.

The users are staff in a store, therefore the
troubleshooters have to be the staffs.

Daily maintenance of Bubble90

We advice all users to flush and brush Bubble90
in order to hygienically keep the cleanliness.


Please FLUSH for one seconds once
a week in order to remove clogged dirt and rust.


Please BRUSH Bubble90, especially spout
with detergent if it gets dirty.

Sensor integrated automatic faucet

Prevent recontamination.

This classy faucet
suits public space,
department stores and hotels.
The smooth form with elegance
suits high-end.

For power plant, hospital,
and care home.

Feel free to call us
Our customer support team will help you.